Summer/Winter Camps/Schools include – based on customer needs – studies at Kindergarten, Primary, Vocational School and High School as well UAS including Cultural, Sports, Music and other free-time activities

Teacher training programs include e.g. modules like Finnish education system, Educational policy in Finland, Latest Reforms in Finnish Education, Modern Finnish teaching methods, Competence-based Curriculum, Finnish teacher training, Guidance Councelling, Phenomenal Education and Multi-disciplinary study units as well as monitoring lessons

Summer camp modules

Module 1: Opening ceremonies and the Way of Life in Finland (4 hours)

  • Welcome BBQ dinner
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Introduction of the Camp, hosts and participants & expectations – Introduction of Finland + Cultural differences between Finland and China, Finland Quiz
  • Walk around lake Mallasvesi
  • 5 bridges and beautiful views – and/or Finnish Sauna

Module 2: Nordic Nature experience – Huittula & Rapola hill and Finnish Forest (3-4 hours)

  • Climbing the ancient Huittula & Rapola hill in Sääksmäki, Valkeakoski
  • Learning about and getting to know the Nordic plants, herbs, trees, animals…
  • Hiking in the nature and learning how to make use of the forest and its berries and mushrooms to get food (Ms Petra Pikkanen)
  • Petra shows how easy it is to get a food directly from the forest and how to use natural herbs!

Module 3: The Great Lake experience – Paddling, Sauna, Swimming, Playing (6 hours)

  • Learning how to paddle and row the boat in one of the most beautiful lakes in Finland
  • Paddling in practice in teams on the beautiful lake Vanajavesi in Valkeakoski
  • Meeting & playing with Finnish young students at Pappilanniemi Camping Center
  • Finnish Sauna, Swimming & Dinner at Pappilanniemi – with Finnish young students

Module 4: The Secrets of Catching Fish (in Winter time Ice-Fishing) (2-3 hours)

  • Professional fishing guides will teach you tips and tricks how to catch a fish
  • Fishing in practice – Lake Mallasvesi
  • Night-Fishing Competition in Teams
      o Mr Pekka Kaskela, Senior Chairman of Valkeakoski Fishermen club
      o Mr Veijo Takaniemi and other Senior fishermen of Valkeakoski Fishermen club

Ice fishing means fishing that is done in winter through a hole that is cut in the ice on a lake, and then you just sit down and and wait, sometimes hours on end. This is the true essence of ice-fishing and it is what countless of Finns yearn to do every winter. We try to explain this love affair.

The beauty of ice-fishing lies in its simplicity. A session of ice-fishing could almost be counted as a sort of meditation. Whilst waiting patiently for something to happen – and often nothing does – your mind clears itself unexpectedly and effortlessly. Infinity and silence are the key factors here. The spirituality is further enhanced by the strangely comforting idea of the vibrant underwater-life deep below the seemingly still and icy surface. Catching fish is a bonus, not the purpose.

Module 5: The Great Forest Experience & Practicing Orienteering (4-6 hours)

  • Learning orienteering – in teams – in a forest by using a map and a compass
  • Learning to prepare BBQ in the Nature

Module 6: Visit to Heureka – Finnish Science Center in Vantaa (3-4 hours)

  • The aim of the science centre, is to popularize scientific information and to develop the methods to teach science and scientific concepts. Heureka features interactive exhibitions with exhibits that enable visitors to independently test different concepts and ideas. Heureka’s planetarium is one of the most modern digital planetariums in Europe. – Lunch at Café Einstein inside of Heureka

Module 7: Sightseeing in Helsinki – the Capital of Finland (2-4 hours)

  • Helsinki Cathedral, Market Square, The Parliament, Brand New Oodi Library, The Music hall…

Module 8: Sightseeing in Hämeenlinna Castle, Sibelius Museum + Escape room (4-8 hours)

  • Sightseeing
  • a visit to Hämeenlinna Castle, Aulanko, the Market Square, Museums…
  • A visit to Sibelius Museum/Birth place,
  • Team work – historical exercise at Escape room,

Module 9: Exploring Tampere – Pispala, Pyynikki, Särkänniemi Theme Park, Museums…

Tampere is the 2nd biggest and the most attractive city in Finland

  • Visit to Pispala Hill – The Old Tampere You will learn about the restoration of historical environment. Pispala is a beautifully restored old working class neighborhood, with traditional wooden houses, narrow streets and magnificent views towards the two large lakes. Protected by a strict building plan, the unique village-like neighborhood is home to thousands of families and their pets.
    Visit to Pyynikki Hill and Observation Tower One of the Tampere city centre neighbourhoods, Pyynikki, displays a great example of environmental protection in Tampere city center. Pyynikki is home to a gorgeous pine tree forest on top of a ridge with illuminated jogging trails. We will climb up Pyynikki Watchtower to enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee and a traditional Finnish doughnut!
  • The Spy Museum and/or The Moomin museum and/or Vapriikki Museums
  • The Spy Museum, which is the world’s first public museum of international espionage, the museum presents eavesdropping devices, covert microphones, miniature cameras, a lie detector, cryptography devices, radio devices, forgeries, maps, concealed weapons and optic devices. Visitors can also try out espionage devices for themselves. Among the devices they can use invisible ink, an infra-red vision device.
  • The world’s only Moomin Museum has a permanent new home in the newly renovated Tampere Hall, taking visitors on a magical journey into the fairy-tale world of the original Moomin illustrations by Tove Jansson. Tampere Hall also houses an international Moomin reading library and a gift shop with exclusive Moomin products.
  • Vapriikki Museum Centre offers things to see and do for the whole family. The museum hosts about a dozen exhibitions each year, with varied themes from history to technology and natural sciences. Vapriikki is also the home to the Natural History Museum, the Finnish Ice Hockey Museum, the Mineral Museum, the Media Museum Rupriikki, The Doll Museum, the Postal Museum and the Finnish Museum of Games. Visitors can also enjoy museum restaurant and shop.
  • City walking – Tampere Market Square, Tram café, Old City hall, Finlayson + Tampella
  • Walking Satakuntasilta Bridge & Koskipuisto Park to Koskikeskus Shopping Mall in Tampere – Lunch at a Chinese or Finnish Restaurant
  • Särkänniemi Theme Park – featuring an aquarium, planetarium, zoo, art museum and Doghill Fairytale Farm, which offers many exciting things to see and do. Various play grounds, beautiful buildings and real Finnish farm animals welcome visitors to step into a 19th century world with a touch of modern fun!
  • Tampere Market Hall – The Old Tampere
  • Escape rooms

Module 10: Visiting a Finnish home – the Ilola Family Farm (4 hours)

  • Communication with the Ilola Farm people
  • Relaxing with animals on the Ilola Family Farm
  • Finnish home-made lunch on the Ilola Family Farm  

Module 11: Escape rooms (1-2 hours)

  • Inspiring Problem-based team work – solving together different tasks

Module 12: Rage room/Anger room/Stress relief (1 hour)

You are able to smash everything inside – and relieve your stress

Module 13: Interaction with Finnish students – Team work in the Finnish way (4 hours)

  • Disco Dancing Class Petra Nystén, Rocking Flames
  • Hip Hop, Practice & team work – The Finnish way
  • Finnish Sauna and Swimming

Module 14: Experiencing the Nature in Rutajärvi Nature Camp (11 hours)


On the 2nd part of the Summer Camp, the students will move to Rutajärvi Nature Camp and the students will learn useful Wilderness Skills in practice through exploration, games and hikes in the nature. Our Scout experts Mr Timo Saarelainen will teach the camp participants the following skills:

  • Nature Survival & Nature knowledge; Building up a shelter & camp fire in forest
  • Navigation & Orienteering: learning how to navigate in the nature with compass & map
  • Cooking in open fire and enjoying lunch by an open fire
  • The basics of fishing: how and where to catch fish and crayfish from the lakes
  • Orientation and rules of the camp ground
  • First Aid Exercises
  • First Aid certificate
  • Preparing cottages and beds + Rutajärvi Camp Rules – Orienteering competition in teams
  • Heating the Sauna – practice
  • Enjoying Finnish Sauna and swimming
  • Outdoor Bonfire BBQ Dinner
  • Fishing & Preparing Fish for Food

Module 15: Experiencing the Nature in Rutajärvi Nature Camp (11 hours)

  • Nature Survival, Building up a Camp fire and a Shelter in a forest
  • Learning to cook in Open fire and lunch and dinner by an open fire
  • Fishing in Practice – Lake Rutajärvi
  • Night-Fishing Competition in Teams
  • Hiking and Learning about the nature
  • Finnish outdoor games
  • Team-Presentation Competition (School, history, culture, languages, songs, cloths…)
  • Judges: Valkeakoski Chamber of Commerce Board members, Principals and Professors

Module 16: Iiittala Glass Factory, Museums and Outlet (3-4 hours)

The story of Iittala began in 1881 when a glass factory was founded in the village of Iittala. That is where the world-famous design history of Iittala begins. The factory is still operating, and it is where the famous Finnish glass design artefacts, Alvar Aalto’s Aalto or Savoy vase, are made. In the Iittala Glass Factory you can follow the production of all kinds of glass artefacts, as talented glassblowers create Aalto vases as well as Oiva Toikka birds from molten glass. The factory is nowadays part of the Fiskars Corporation.

  • Guided tour at the Glass Factory and Museum
  • You will see how the World-famous Finnish Glass is designed


Viking Line Luxury Ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn – the capital of Estonia (1-2 days)

  • Old Tallinn is the most beautiful city in Northern Europe with great medieval architecture. It is located only 2 hours boat trip from Helsinki. Tallinn is a great place to learn history and architecture of Medieval Europe. Tallinn received city rights in 1248.
  • Tallinn’s Old Town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During its long history Tallinn has been ruled Danish, Swedish, Polish, German and Soviets
  • It is bursting with wonderful sights – ancient churches, medieval streetscapes and noble merchants’ houses. We’ll be making an interesting walking tour in Tallinn through the history – Estonia’s most exciting attractions
  • The Seaplane Harbour Estonian Maritime Museum

    Housing 200 genuine items incl. a sub-marine called Lembit, built 1936 & 100 years old icebreaker called Suur Tõll (originally built for the Russian Empire in 1914), this museum is one of the most memorable you are ever likely to visit. The building itself is really the star attraction. As you walk around, the lighting and sound effects give off the illusion that you are actually underwater.
  • Seaplane Harbor Museum – Explore historical boats + The underwater archaeology experience room will introduce you to the fascinating underwater world through large interactive projected screens and U-Cat, Estonia’s very own underwater robot, 

    Sightseeing and Learning about History of Tallinn – Viking Line Luxury Ferry from Tallinn, Estonia to Helsinki – Dinner on Ferry.

The capital cruise between Stockholm and Helsinki by Viking Line Ferry (40 hours)

  • Travel between the two capital cities; Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden. When you travel with Viking Line you travel from city center to city center. Experience the scenery of the famous Finnish and Stockholm archipelago and the Baltic Sea. Enjoy the variety of restaurants and bars, excellent duty-free shopping, and great music and entertainment on board the Viking ships. – Spend two nights on board and one day ashore, before returning. In total a 40-hour cruise. Want to see one of the cleanest, most beautiful capital cities in the world? Then hop aboard one of our cruise ferries bound to Stockholm. This city is packed with architectural wonders and has more museums than any other European capital. Take a walk around the city and discover why Stockholm, bordering on a beautiful archipelago, is often referred to as ”The Venice of the North”.
  •  Ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm
  • Lecture – Food, Customer service, Automation, Management & Leadership at Viking
  • Buffet Dinner
  • Duty-free shopping and a variety of restaurants and bars
  • Sightseeing in the beautiful City Center and the Old City
  • Ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki – Viking Line
  • Buffet Dinner
  • Viking Quiz

Different Sports activities – based on customer expectations – guided by Professional coaches

Football – Floorball – Volley Ball – Basket Ball – Ice-Hockey – Cross-country skiing & Downhill skiing – Bowling – Mölkky – Frisbee Golf – Super Ball Golf – Petanque

International sports day with Finnish students (4 hours)

International sports day with Finnish students. Sports Activities with HAMK, High School and VAAO Students – Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Table Tennis and floorbaal. The Focus is Learning the team work in multi-cultural teams. Floorball: Finnish indoor hockey is played in every school in Finland and it is fast becoming “another national sport” in Finland.

Special Sports training programs – based on customer expectations (5-14 days)

  • Football, Ice-Hockey, Floorball, Speed skating, Volley Ball
  • 5-15-day training programs – based on customer needs 
  • Professional coaches and teachers


Valkeakoski is a town of international business with good educational opportunities and a wide range of services. Internationalization and know-how are special targets in towns’s development plans. There are great opportunities for Basic Education, Upper Secondary and Music School studies in Valkeakoski at schools owned by the City of Valkeakoski. There are also Vocational School and Häme University of applied sciences, HAMK, campus located in Valkeakoski and owned partly by the City of Valkeakoski. All these Public schools follow – based on the Finnish Law – the National and local Curriculum and Syllabus, principles and regulations – under the guidance and control of the City of Valkeakoski.

Participating lessons at primary school– Grades 1-9 (4-20 hours)


  • The first comprehensive school in Valkeakoski
  • Modern classrooms and study environment – Open atmosphere and communication between teachers, pupils and parents
  • 46 classrooms and half of them are special classrooms (Cooking, IT, Sports, Biology, Arts, Physics and Chemistry) + Sports classes in different Sport Halls, Centers and Forest (Orienteering and Skiing) in Valkeakoski
  • Extra courses from crafts, music, physical education, home economics.
  • Meeting students and teachers – School lunch

Visit to the most modern Vocational School in Finland – VAAO (4-20 hours)

  • Participating lessons at Valkeakoski Vocational School (VAAO)
  • Presentations of students + Campus tour and meeting students and teachers
  • Hair dressing, Cosmetology, Catering, Construction, Robots, 3D Printing, Car repairing…
  • Robola Robots & 3D printing
  • School lunch

Visit to High School in Finland (4-20 hours)

  • Participating lessons
  • Upper secondary school courses according to the Finnish national syllabus
  • Extensive selection of languages (in addition to English and Swedish you can study Russian, French, German and Spanish)
  • International Baccalaureate courses in English (entitled to IB single subject diplomas)
  • Music class and Visual arts Class etc.
  • Campus tour and meeting students and teachers
  • School lunch


  • Art School and Music School programs
  • Special training programs
  • Teacher training programs
  • Kindergaten, Primary School, Junior High School, Senior High School
  • Secrets of the Finnish Education
  • Education System and Basic Education Reform in Finland
  • Educational policy in Finland
  • Guidance Counselling
  • Phenomenal Education; Multi-disciplinary study units; Transversal competencies
  • Finnish Pedagogy

Art, School and Music programs

7-night and 8-day Art or Music Camp for Chinese students in Finland where they get to learn Arts/Music, Nature Skills, and Nordic Culture, through world famous Finnish Education – at Voipaala Art Center and other parts of Valkeakoski and Finland.

  •  The Voipaala Manor in Sääksmäki dates back to the Middle Ages. The present buildings provide beautiful and pleasant premises for art exhibitions and art workshops. The Art Centre arranges exhibitions with selected artists throughout the year.
  • Voipaala Art Centre provides courses and field trip facilities for children from local schools and daycare centres, as well as for various other groups. The Voipaala Manor is owned by the city of Valkeakoski.
  • The manor and the surrounding parks are located on the slopes of the iron-age Rapola ridge. The nearby Rapola Manor and the fort with its ancient burial grounds are under the supervision of the National Board of Antiquities and Historical Monuments. The surroundings offer magnificent walking paths from one historical sight to another.
  • In Voipaala you can walk around a beautiful baroque park and admire buildings from different eras. In addition to the exhibition and workshop facilities, there are private boutiques in the manor yard area selling interior decoration items and bouquets of flowers and organising flower arranging courses. Also relaxation walks in the ridge area are organised. More private entrepreneurs are expected to start business there in the future.

Music Camp

  • Visit to Sibelius Museum/Birth place 
  • Interactive visit to Valkeakoski Music Institute & Tampere Music Institute and Conservatoire
  • Participating Art & Music lessons at Primary School
  • Music Performance opportunities in Valkeakoski and Tampere
  • Visit to Valkeakoski City Hall
  • Visit to Voipaala Art Center and Iittala Glass Design Center
  • Rutajärvi Nature Camp and other Camp activities
  • Visit to Hämeenlinna, Tampere and Helsinki (Tallinn)

Art School

Drawing workshop: Perspective and strength from the garden

  • A collage can be made with combining different natural elements from the neighbourhood. This kind of work introduces the perspective in three dimensions. – The workshop inspires the participants to search for their inner strength and ardor, with the help of the funny croquis workshop.
  • With trial and error the participants will find their own power symbol/ animal which can be named and given special attributes. – Technique: installation, drawing with pen (ink) on pencil

Printing workshop: The story of the tree – the visual arts school for a gardener

  • The starting point is the strange park in Voipala mansion.
  • There are horse-chestnuts and oaks with many old stories.
  • In the workshop the participants learn about the trees and cultural history. In the enjoyable countryside arts school, different kinds of cards are printed by making use of tree leaves, lichen, acrylic colours. Cards are also made by scraping bark. – Techniques: printing by acrylic colours, charcoal drawings by refining techniques

Graphic workshop: The secret of an old castle workshop

  • In The secret of an old castle workshop the participants are introduced to monotype, a form of graphic arts. A unique piece of art is made by xylograph: a woodcut or wood engraving. It is the technique used by real artists. With frames they are perfect.
  • Technique: using different methods

Workshop: Lost, a play

It is summer 1862: Emil Nervander, a writer has been writing a play. Now all the pages of the play are in whirlwind order and one scene is totally missing. 

The students can help in creating and acting the new scene with the help of Ms Nervander. Warm up theatre games first and then in small groups when each group is given a task of their own. Finally the play is ready to be performed.

Workshop: Chasing the ghost – a Mystery play

There has been found a mystical trunk with no key In the excavations in Rapola. The first clue might be found in the mansion in Voipaala. This workshop introduces co-operation skills in historical surroundings.

These two workshops are suitable for children aged 6-12. The duration is 2 hours. The workshop is mainly outdoors, suitable clothing is recommended. 

Both instructors are professionals in the theater, and they have University studies. They are also part-time teachers and actors.

Visits to several Art Museums in Valkeakoski, Tampere and Helsinki

Visits to Heureka and Arkki Rutajärvi Nature Camp and other Camp activities Drawing Competition – the Beautiful Finnish Nature Visit to Hämeenlinna, Tampere and Helsinki

Enjoying Paintings and Drawings at Tampere Art Museum, Moomin and other Museums

The Tampere Art Museum presents important themes from art history and phenomena of contemporary art in both its Finnish and international exhibitions. The museum is renowned for its active exhibition policy, especially exhibitions presenting ancient 8 days cultures, wide-ranging publication activities, the Young Artist of the Year event and Moomin Valley collection. The museum’s collection includes works from the 17th century until the present day, main emphasis on Finnish art from the early 20th century with an overview of the local artist´s paintings. The deposit of the Finnish Medal Art Guild´s collection. Changing exhibitions of visual arts, large presentations of ancient cultures. The museum is housed in an old public granary designed by C. L. Engel (1838).

Visit to the the world’s only Moomin Museum
The world’s only Moomin Museum is located at the Tampere Hall in Tampere, Finland. In 1986, Tove Jansson donated a collection of more than 2000 works to Tampere Art Museum and for over thirty years part of the collection has been on display in Tampere Art Museum Moomin Valley. The collection is now conservated and moved to Tampere Hall and exhibited at the new Moomin Museum with approximately three times more space compared to the old premises. Tove Jansson’s collection is presented in a modern, experiential and multisensory way in the world’s only Moomin Museum. The Moomin Museum is a nontraditional museum where the original artwork of author/artist Tove Jansson and the 3D tableaus of graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä can be displayed in a way that stimulates the senses. Tove Jansson was a Swedish-speaking Finn who enjoyed a diverse career as an author, painter, graphic artist, caricaturist and comic strip artist. She was the creator of the much-loved Moomin books.

Enjoying Paintings and Drawings at Ateneum and Helsinki Art Museum (HAM)
Ateneum is Finland’s best-known art museum and the home of Finnish art. It is an art museum in Helsinki, and one of the three museums forming the Finnish National Gallery. It is located in the centre of Helsinki on the south side of Rautatientori square close to Helsinki Central railway station. It has the biggest collections of classical art in Finland. Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) The collection of the Helsinki inhabitants includes over 9,000 works of art. Almost half of these works are on display in parks, streets, offices, health centres, schools and libraries, to brighten up everyone’s day. In its changing domestic and international exhibitions held at Tennis Palace building in Helsinki city centre, HAM showcases modern and contemporary art.

Workshop at Arkki, School of Architecture for Children and Youth to learn the construction courses and team work to build up the ”future eco-city”. Arkki, School of Architecture for Children and Youth offers wide basic education in architecture. There are approximately 600 weekly students in the basic education of visual arts from age 4 to 19. In addition to the basic education, Arkki offers seasonal courses such as hut building camps. Other theme courses include miniature building, designing and drawing by computer. Arkki offers a variety of workshops and different activity for a large audience. Arkki is widely known for the mega workshops of thousands of participating children organized during the years. Some of these, such as Sweet Architecture or Lego workshops, could already be called classics. Yearly approximately 7000 students take part in Arkki’s courses, camps and workshops. Arkki produces educational material for teachers of primary schools. In addition to this, we also organize pedagogic education to teachers of the visual arts. Arkki has also executed dozens of projects with cities and construction companies. The aim in all Arkki’s activity is to inspire the children and youth about their environment and offer them tools how to be an active, participating citizen. Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth operates in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. The seasonal courses are also arranged elsewhere in Finland.


  •  Advanced Environmental Technology in Finland
  •  Lesson: Introduction of the Environmental-Friendly Way of Living and Circular economy in Finland
  •  According to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) Finland is the greenest and most environmentally-friendly country in the world. 
  • The core strength of Finland is that the society as a whole is committed to protecting the environment. Wide-ranging and detailed environmental data and high levels of advanced technological skills form the basis of Finland’s effective environmental protection policies.
  • The objective is to understand the overall Environmental approach in Finland and visit 3 advanced environmental technology companies to learn and understand how they are developing and utilizing the advanced environmental technologies
  • Company visits – based on customer expectations


Cross-country skiing at Korkeakangas Skiing Center (2 hours)

  • Cross-country Skiing
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Modern artificial snow installation, two illuminated slopes
  • Max height difference 62 m, max slope length 330 m 

Exotic Kicksled on the lake – You can walk, run, ski and skate on the lake… (1-3 hours)

  •  A type of small sled consisting of a handlebar mounted on a pair of flexible metal runners.
  • The driver stands on the runners and kicks the sled forward with one foot.
  • In front of the handlebar there’s often a seat for a passenger.

Visit to Rovaniemi and Santa Claus Village (1-2 days)

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Guided program in the Northern part of Finland – Lapland 
  • Night train from Tampere to Rovaniemi
  • Bus to Hostel Koti (Hostel Home) in the City Center of Rovaniemi
  • Certificate of Crossing the Arctic Circle
  • Visiting the Santa Claus Chamber + taking photos with Santa Claus
  • Santa Claus Post Office at Santa Claus Village
  • Snowman land etc.
  • Husky Drive at Arctic Circle Husky Park
  • Meet the reindeer at the Santa Claus Village
  • Short visit to University of Lapland (Northernmost University in Finland)
  • Visit – by Bus – to the Sami Family Kangasniemi
  • Atmosphere of Lapland lifestyle, opportunity to make your own reindeer horn “jewelry”
  • Lunch at the Sport Institute Santasport – Ounasvaara /Santasport
  • Snow-Shoe Walking in forest
  • Science Center Arktikum and Pilke display Northern, Arctic life, guided interactive activities
  • Dinner at a Turkish restaurant – Haruno in Rovaniemi
  • Night train from Rovaniemi to Tampere

Paradise of Ice-Waterfalls, Korouoma Canyon, Shamanes & Aurora Boreali (2-3 days)

  • Night train from Tampere to Rovaniemi
  • Bus from Rovaniemi to Posio ”Surrounded by Fresh Snow and Complete Silence” The town of Posio is situated in an idyllic part of southern Lapland; surrounded by ancient forests, lakes, canyons and waterways. This magical part of northern Finland, an old Sámi minority district, has long been a popular destination with nature lovers.
  • Check-in ( & Lunch at Hotel Kirikeskus
  • Korouoma Canyon – Paradise of Ice-Waterfalls ( Thrilling heights, breathtaking sceneries and challenging landscapes.
  • Korouoma Canyon, which is known for its magnificent frozen waterfalls that cover the tall cliffs in the winter. Korouoma welcomes hikers of all experience levels all year round.
  • Drums and Songs of Shamane and Exotic drinks In the evening we will have Sami Shaman Drum show. In Sami culture, a shaman is a person regarded as a messenger between the human world and the spirit world. The shaman typically even enters into trance state during a ritual where he drums on his magical drum.
  • Sami minority people have lived in the Arctic region for thousands of years, some findings suggest as long as 4,000 years. The Sami today maintain their rich culture and traditions. The Sami were originally nomads, they lived in tents and traditionally survived by hunting and fishing, and in more recent years, by herding reindeer. Today, the Sami only use tents as very temporary accommodations during reindeer migrations.
  • Husky Safaris (
  • Husky safari is essential part of life in the North. The dogs used on the safaris are mainly Siberian and Alaskan huskies. Both breeds are strong, they like the cold and also love long journeys. The northernmost area of Finland has around 4,000 huskies on 50 husky farms. – Lunch at the Empire of the White Reindeer & Feeding the reindeer with lichen
  • Snow-Shoeing in Wild Finnish forest – Northern, Arctic life, Learning Cross-Country Skiing, Northern Lights – You can enjoy the Real Finnish Winter Wonderland – Blue Sky and White Snow. You will learn Finnish Cross-Country Skiing. – Walking to the Exotic Riisitunturi Mountain The snow-covered trees of Riisitunturi National Park are known among nature photographers worldwide. (Riisitunturi = rice mountain) Riisitunturi National Park provides a delightful playground for nature lovers. The hillsides of the park offer breathtaking views over Lake Kitkajärvi and the forests beyond. In the winter the candle-like spruces have a thick coating of condensed frost, creating a photogenic white forest.
  • Coffee Break – Carbon Black Coffee Pot & Forest BBQ at Riisitunturi Mountain
  • Pentik Culture Centre – Manor & Gallery ( A home of art dedicated to Finnish design and ceramics. Art Ceramic Anu Pentik is probably the most famous Finnish Art Ceramic who wants to bring northern beauty and cosyness to homes. Her ceramics are produced in town of Posio, where she has the World’s northern-most ceramic factory and Pentik manor which was originally reindeer farm.
  • Lappish Lunch at Pentik Manor – reindeer farm converted into a beautiful gallery.
  • Taivaan tulet – Aurora Borealis ( If the sky is clear you can see the Northern Lights that can only be experienced in the polar regions of the Earth. The lights are created when the solar wind hits the atmosphere of the Earth. The Finnish name for the Nordic Lights is ”Revontulet”, the fire of the fox. According to Sami myth Nordic lights are created by a fox running across the fells and lighting up the sky as its tail hits the snow.
  • There seems to be no point in this peculiar wintery past-time. None whatsoever. First, you walk into a great white space over frozen waters in the middle of nowhere. Then, you make a hole through the ground below you, dip in a fishing lure and sit down to wait, sometimes for hours on end. This is the true essence of ice-fishing and it is what countless of Finns yearn to do every winter. We try to explain this love affair. Ice-fishing is a state of mind.
  • The beauty of ice-fishing lies in its simplicity. A session of ice-fishing could almost be counted as a sort of meditation. Whilst waiting patiently for something to happen – and often nothing does – your mind clears itself unexpectedly and effortlessly. Infinity and silence are the key factors here. The spirituality is further enhanced by the strangely comforting idea of the vibrant underwater-life deep below the seemingly still and icy surface. Catching fish is a bonus, not the purpose.