Satisfaction of Camp participants: 

(Scale 1-5, 5 = Extremely Satisfied)

GRADE 4.74
2019/01 Winter School: 12-15-year old pupils from Wuhan 
GRADE 4.70
2019/07 Summer Camp: 10-12-year old pupils Shanghai 
GRADE 4.90
2019/07 Summer Camp: 13-14-year old Middle School pupils from Beijing 
GRADE 4.87
2019/07 Summer Camp: 13-14-year old Middle School pupils  from Beijing 
GRADE 4.80 
2019/08 Summer School: 11-12-year old pupils from Shandong  
GRADE 4.93
2019/08 Summer School & Home Stay: 8-15-year old pupils from Shanghai 


1 2011/09 Urban Planning training Municipal Commission Beijing

2 2011/10 HRM and Doing Business in Europe SASTIND Beijing 

3 2011/11-12 Finnish Education System & High School Studies Jiaxing Education Bureau & High Schools Jiaxing 

4 2012/05 Finnish Education System & High School Studies Zhejiang Rectors Zhejiang 

5 2012/09 HR Training State Ethnic Affairs Commission, PRC Beijing 

6 2013/04 Business Opportunities Int’l Investment Consultation Group Chongqing

7 2013/06 Finnish Education System Beijing Dongheng District Principals Beijing 

8 2013/09 Finnish Education System Chinese teachers Beijing 

9 2013/09 Finnish Education System Chinese teachers Beijing 

10 2013/10 Anti-corruption program Commission for Discipline Inspection Guangzhou

11 2014/02 Modern Finnish public management & HRM Public officers, Province Administration Liaoning 

12 2014/08 Teacher & Administration Training program JXSTNU teachers and administration Nanchang 

13 2014/09 HRM Training & Finnish Education System Shangrao Mayor delegation Shangrao 

14 2014/11 Taxation Training program Henan Taxation delegation Henan 

15 2015/05 Modern Finnish Learning methods NAEA – 24 New University Principals China

16 2016/01-02 Winter Camp, Nanchang & Chongqing students JXUFE, JXSTNU, CTGU students Nanchang

17 2016/05 Modern Finnish Learning methods NAEA – 24 New University Principals China 

18 2016/08 Teacher Training program for ECUT East China University of Technology Nanchang 

19 2016/9 Urban Management training Urban Management Delegation Beijing 

20 2017/01 Winter Camp JXUFE and TJPU (Tianjin) Nanchang 

21 2017/08 Summer School – Teacher training ECUT Teachers Nanchang 

22 2017/08 Summer Camp CTGU students Chongqing 

23 2017/08 Summer School – Teacher training TJPU Teachers Tianjin 

24 2017/08-09 Entrepreneur Summer School Jiaxing, Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Jiaxing 

25 2017/11-12 Bolashak Teacher Training program (TVE) Vocational Educational (TVE) Institutions Kazakhstan 

26 2017/12 Principal Training program HR & Finance Dep & Vocational Colleges Henan 

27 2018/05 Finnish Education System Hebei Province Examination Delegation Hebei

Feedback Comments/Testimonials given by students and Teachers


Winter Camp 24-25 Jan 2019

“Best was Walking around the lake. Finland is so Beautiful. The scene is like a landscape painting”

“Visit to Valkeakoski Primary Schools – impressive, active, full of energy”

“We came but did not want to leave, we leave expecting to come back” (Teachers)

 “Warm atmosphere though the weather outside was freezing cold” (Teachers)

Midnight Sun Adventure Summer Camp 19-29 July 2018

“Best was Rutajärvi Camp – Really interesting – We learnt a lot there”

“Best was Navigation and Orientation Learning – How to use compass and Map”

“All the Activities were interesting. We did many new things”

“We would like to thank all the tour guides and teachers for this trip, and thank the drivers and other service staff – without them, we could have not been able to enjoy such an  interesting trip. Thank you” (Teachers)

“Maybe you could add more days in the Camp” (Teachers)

Valkeakoski Summer Camp 15-18 July 2019

“Best was to took a walk in the forest and pick up wild strawberries and blueberries.”

“Best was Fishing in practice and paddling in Pappilanniemi.”

“Best was to go into the forest and learn things about plants.”

“The Summer camp was really great. We all enjoyed it very much. Thank you!” (Teachers)

Valkeakoski Summer Camp 22-25 July 2019

“Best was meeting and playing with Finnish students and have fun with them.”

“Best was Walking around the Mallasvesi lake in Valkeakoski and visit to Huittula Hill.”

“We really enjoyed swimming in Valkeakoski Summer Camp. it’s hard to find place like this in China.”

“We can play in a park and enjoy the blue sky and air. We can learn Finnish songs with the students. All in all, the Summer camp is great.”

“We think the Valkeakoski Summer Camp is Excellent. We think this Summer Camp is the best one among we have been to. So there’s nothing to improve.” (Teachers)

“Thank you for your great teach. We really had a good time.” (Teachers)

Valkeakoski Summer Camp 8-19 August 2019

“Best was Sauna & Swimming, Camping and Dancing”

“It was very Impressive cottage life – Fishing and Navigation, Sauna and Swimming are very good.”

“Best was School Experience. It was very impressive to know the education system and we are very lucky to guide by Antti to visit good schools.” (Teachers)

“ GREAT THANKS for Antti introducing very wonderful schools for us, and let us see daily details of schools and for Mikko arranging paddling & Sauna, Ice-Hockey and other activities, incl. BBQ in friend’s house, you are Great Host.” (Teachers)

Valkeakoski Summer Camp 20-23 Aug 2019

“Best was Friends, Forest, Education System, Best teacher ever”

“Communication with the Finnish Host Family members – Super Great”

“Free-time activities with the Finnish Host Family members – Super Great”

“Best was flexible arrangements” (Teachers)